Ladies, just like we need to understand how you guys think, it works both ways. I'm going to give you this pointer to help your finesse game. How you use it is totally on you. Be careful that you are not in a relationship with a man who is only dating you. Recognize the essence of who you are is an addictive drug of choice to a man. Your presence takes him away from his world, which is why he likes you around. If he doesn't commit, it is because of one word, FEAR. For men in different stages of life it looks different in each stage.

MEN IN THEIR 20's Fear being held down or forced to settle down and miss out on being young, wild and free. They do not want to lose their freedom.

MEN IN THEIR 30's Fear marrying the wrong woman.

MEN IN THEIR 40's Fear remarrying their first wife, as most by this age are recently divorced and are still scared straight lol.

MEN IN THEIR 50's Fear being alone and old. This explains why he seems clingy and is moving fast.

I gave you this so you will know how to approach the situation. Use your discernment to determine whether it is worth it or not.


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